may 11: red eyes and pizza pies


lost a really good post today: deep, intense, thought-provoking. It’s really too bad. I guess i pay the dues for resisting the coercion of the smart phone. Words to the wind as i choose my dumbphone.  That’s fine … I accept the consequences for defying peer pressure. It’s one of my most practiced challenges. 🙂


Had several angry and angrily uncomfortable bpd moments this morning that stretched into 2 hours. DBT group class brought me out of it which i knew it would (i knew that today, but i don’t always). Well … now here’s another one again.


So i’m using my “skills” and made the choice to extricate myself from the circumstance. A discussion about something seemingly innocuous and probably financially beneficial morphed into a discussion about some family members and bullshit and things that i do not wish to be a part of. I don’t want to participate in it, and i don’t want to listen to it. So i’m not.


I came outside into the calm breeze and am enjoying the sun filtered through the trees while i sit in the shade. It’s nice and way more pleasant than i would feel inside, lol.


My thin crust pizza w/extra cheese is sitting in the kitchen getting cold. But my head isn’t about to explode. I guess that’s why god invented microwaves.

may 11: red eyes and pizza pies

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